Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glowworm Grotto

The constellation of Leo is twinkling tonight making the air so cold it hurts to breathe. It was only 4:00 but the street lamps had already turned on as he climbed the hill with vague familiarity, slipping in all the same places. He never reached the top because the scene dissolved and he was walking slowly across the cut pavement. It's the same, but different and he can't quite put his finger on it: the queer feeling as he turned on the lights and said "I'm home" to nobody in particular. But he imagined this might change, so he laughed because everything was going to be okay.

This is a memory. Which is to say, it was probably just a dream.


  1. i lvoe the last photo ^^ and amazing skills i adore black and white

  2. :) sadly I didnt get anything for myself, but I wish I did now :p

  3. Great black and white photography & I especially like the mystery in the bottom words! :-)



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