Friday, December 31, 2010

I wonder how he felt. Stuck inside that house all winter and watching the grass turn brown before the snow came and wiped the canvas clean. And when the temperature drops, it becomes fearfully silent. So silent, he could hear his heartbeat, which was louder than his voice ever was. I wonder how he felt. Making all those children's graves all by himself. Who is suppose to make a grave for him?

Yakuma! After it stops snowing, we'll go outside and build a snowman.
Okay. I promise.


  1. What a lovely piece of writing. "snow came and wiped the canvas clean" my favourite part. Your photography is absolutely brilliant. xxx

  2. i love love love the second from the last picture.
    and wonderful piece of writing.

  3. This little piece of writing reminds me of the song 'My brother makes coffins' by Florence and the Machine.

    I really liked your paintings too, I wish I was talented at that sort of thing :(

    Hope your Christmas and New Years were all things jolly ahhaa.


  4. That piece of writing is lovely, dear. It reminds me of quiet winter afternoons that I spent looking through my window.
    And the second picture... I adore the colours.
    Happy new year :)

  5. @Joanna: oh thank you so much <3

    @Melissa: thank you! that 2nd to last picture is the view from my bedroom window =)

    @felicity: I've never heard of the song, but I will look it up. And don't say you don't have any talent because you do ^__^ you just need to practice and have fun with it.

    @Lazzenia: Happy new year to you too! I hope you are well and thank you! <3

  6. these are all such beautiful photos!& theyre perfect with the writing beneath.

    love your blog



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