Monday, January 2, 2012

City explorations. Sneak peak of my steadily growing teacup collection. Pink castle. I'd like to think that a princess use to live in those turrets and her beautiful things are still there, covered in an inch of dust. The door to her attic-room is hidden behind a bookcase and when you open the 2nd volume of the encyclopedia from the bottom-most shelf, there will be a shadow of a key imprinted on the pages and maybe some letters addressed to no one.

Spent yesterday afternoon at the horse farm G. works at and met some wonderful characters. Shado the dark knight. Cow-patterned Patche who loves peppermints. Angel who looks like a unicorn. And of course Lacey the shaggy palomino whom I hugged to keep warm. Despite the gloomy weather, dusk was beautiful. Standing on the hill with everyone, we watched as the last winter rays set the muddy fields aglow with fireflies. Breathtaking.


  1. perfection.

    i wish i could live inside of a pink castle with you.

  2. These photographs are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You are so incredibly talented, it puts everyone to shame. Happy New Year, lovely. xxx

  3. Gosh I want to start a tea cup collection! I think my favorite tea cup is my Marie Antoinette cup, I got it in Versailles xxxx

  4. I used to imagine there was a witch who lived in that big old house that was near ours, i learnt that it was a hotel as i grew older but i still imagine that there's a witch living there with her secret recipes and rusty cauldrons. I like these and your mind.



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