Sunday, December 18, 2011


Fat sparrows. Beef gnocchi. Japanese teacups. I think I am slowly running out of words and fairy dust because time stopped sometime in November. It must have restarted again because brown is my color for winter, lingering between Christmas chocolates and the woody texture of a December forest. Some things have quietly changed, but I hope my organs are still in the same place. There is nothing quite like a broken heart to rearrange your skeleton. I can't even scrub the smell of oranges from my wind-chapped fingers anymore. Been holed up like a squirrel reading books and fussing over symmetry and squares with cold hands and cold feet. Still, it feels good to be home.


  1. What camera and lenses do you use? These are lovely.

  2. @Julia: Thank you so much! I use a canon powershot S5IS. Not a DSLR so no lenses :P I use photoshop CS to edit my work.

  3. Oh, I just stumbled upon your blog and must tell you it is wonderful.
    And merry, merry Christmas to you, too.

  4. I love the birds in the first picture.

    I hope that in some little way finding that jar could help with the broken heart.




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