Monday, March 22, 2010

Writing in journals was something I had forsaken a long time ago. I am not sure why, exactly. Maybe too many thoughts and not enough words, or too many words and not enough thoughts. Maybe there just wasn't enough time to think anymore. Maybe, I felt less satisfied with pages and more hungry for people. I have been thinking a lot, but I always forget to write my thoughts down. Those thoughts were thunk and never to be found again. Not by you, nor me, nor anyone else.
It is 4 AM and the birds are singing again.


  1. i have too many thoughts that sometimes they circle my head over and over again and distract me. i think i shall start a journal. maybe we could both start one? your photography is so magical; you have a talent of capturing the beauty in everything. hope you have a lovely day. much love, samantha ♥

  2. @samantha: I think I will start a journal. I have a beautiful owl book that hasn't been used yet, i think it will be fun! Thank you so much for your praise. I just want to show everyone how beautiful this world is.

  3. Thanks for your comment! - you post it even before I ended posting mine!! (I finished it now,ok!) Your photos are beautiful as always! :)

  4. @Christina: thank you <3 your photos are love as well ^__^

  5. As much as I love writing, I do wish I was more of an avid one. It turns out it's just about the same thing you have said that is my problem- not enough words and too much thoughts or the opposite.
    But that's why I resort to expressing my thoughts by using a camera. I think we have that in common ;).
    These are so lovely. The location looks like a wonderland of places.

  6. @Crystal Ball: I know what you mean. and sometimes there just isn't enough to write, or it is impossible to express those feelings just in words. I agree - photography forever!! The pictures are from the botanical garden in st. louis - it is divineeee!

  7. I'm sorry sorry, it seems my account has deleted some of the blogs I've been following,so it wasn't until recently I've realised your blog was one of them.
    I agree on the journal thing, how can I write so much down. If I wrote all the thoughts in my head, wow I would need a diary a day. Brilliant photos, love love loveeee the last one, so STUNNING.

    xx Felicity.

    P.S. I do believe you've been tagged =)

  8. Dear Felicity,
    Don't worry about it! Moving is always a messy affair! I am glad you liked the pictures.

  9. wonderful strand of photos
    when one is busy living there is no need to write words down~

  10. @Tammie: thank you so much. that is true, but it just seems sad, letting those thoughts slip away so quickly?



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