Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do Not Disturb Till Spring

That day we looked up at the sky
did you really believe in forever?


  1. i wish i believed in forever, but sometimes im glad i don't

    amazing photgraphy as alway :3

  2. @Naka: thanks <3 forever is too long for me xD

  3. love love love your photography, espcially the one of the giraffe. oh, im so glad that spring is just around the corner. the little flowers have been blooming and the chocolate easter eggs are making there way on the supermarket shelves. forever is an awfully long time. much love, samantha ♥

  4. @samantha: thank you <3 i am glad spring is around the corner as well! I love the Easter marshmallows!!

  5. I'm in love with your pictures, specially with third and last one.
    You are incredibly talented, dear :)
    It isn't spring here, yet... I mean... we have like... 15ÂșC or something... I really need more sun and feeling the typicas spanish hot air again xD That's why I wrote my text.
    I don't believe in forever, and it scares me so much.

  6. hello, my name is angelica;
    we haven't met but i just stumbled across your blog and it's so magic and i think perhaps you must be, too.

    your photography is something of another world <3


  7. @Lazzenia: thank you so much <3 Ahhhh I need it to get warmer again. It has been raining a lot here.

    @Angelica, you flatter me <3 You must magic too if you found this magical place <3 I love love love your blog - it is so inspiring. I hope we can become friends <3



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