Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anatomy of Neurosis


  1. Been feeling more inspired lately? I think my favorite photo of this collection is the one with the tea bags. Everything looks like a marionette. I always love how haunting your images look, and always have to wonder what brought you to create a particular image. The first photo actually reminds me of a project a friend had to do in college. She was a graphic design major, and her class had to make posters that brought awareness to different social and domestic issues. Hers was physical abuse. She ended up borrowing some of my stage makeup for the photo shoot.

    ... Now that I look back, that is possibly the most depressing comment I could've left, huh? Haha. Oh my. Certainly more depressing and real than living in a state slightly removed from everyone else.

  2. great photos, i really love the last two, but especially the one with the teabags! really interesting shots.

    little henry lee

  3. Wow, these are great... They're really emotive and quite chilling.

  4. I like the second and third ones, they're quite eerie really.

  5. goodness, these are going to haunt me, they're so raw and so human. beautiful :)



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