Thursday, October 11, 2012

I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself speeding down another highway, paralyzed by this gripping anxiety. And it's strange because last week, I would have given anything to be here. But now, I feel as if I lost that right somehow, swallowed by a sea of lights.

Even still. Even if my memories are a little hazy. Even if it's kinda lonely out there. And nothing seems quite right, but nothing seems wrong either. Everything is okay...isn't it? I'll let myself be swallowed by that sea of lights and you can forget about this voice that once haunted your dreams. New York City. It's about what sort of story you are trying to tell and what kind of person you are pretending to be. It's always been about that.


  1. Although it's scary sometimes it's good to get lost, both physically and mentally.

    There is plenty of sunshine, so I'm pretty happy. Good luck to you're cold though, those things suck.

    All my love.

    1. I'll brave through the cold somehow. Pining for warm weather already.

  2. new york is such a wonderful place. even if you're not so sure where you're at, maybe there's no better place to feel lost and/or lose yourself in.



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