Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning Routine

I wake up twice. Once at 4 AM when the birds are chirping and once at 10 AM when the neighbors begin mowing their lawns. The house is dead quiet: just me and the spiders and the cobwebs. I get up, letting the blankets fall to the floor and brush my teeth silently in front of the window. It's the only way I remember to water my plants. 10:15 AM. The kettle is whistling on the stove. 10:18 AM. As my morning tea steams on the table, I hear a train leaving straight to Okinawa.


  1. my morning routine often is me being late and checking emails and updates XD

    u seem to have such a dreamy life with your photos :3

  2. These are so beautiful.
    Whenever I visit your blog, I feel so nostalgic for moments that I have not lived.

  3. ...5am mornings just riding my bike around to Dead Man's Bones pretty much. Your mornings sound so lovely and also, I want to grow plants as such too now:)

  4. beautiful. I love your blog.

  5. I love this post. Your morning sounds so beautiful.

  6. @Naka: Oh yes I do that too!

    @Erimentha: Oh wow - thank you thank you thank you!

    @Athena: I am so glad you like them <3

    @Felix: WOWOWOWOW - I don't think I could wake up so early - I am too lazy I think

    @Isabelle: thank you so much <3

    @Christine: Ah I am so happy you like it!

    EVERYONE (who hasn't told me) - tell me about YOUR morning routine!

  7. how do you get such a beautiful effect with these photos? is it your camera? theyre amazing! x

  8. LIZARD I HAVE THE SAME TEA, but in green tea xD

  9. @Jo W.: WOAH srsly! Let me try it! I will trade you!

  10. I really like this post.
    I wake up early just to stay in bed 30 minutes, thinking and sorting things out in my brain. Then I'll get up and go to my window to stare at the mountains in the distance (they're really far off, can't always see them depending on the sky). I then proceed to making myself tea and slowly getting ready for work. I really enjoy mornings, especially taking time for myself, it sets the pace for the rest of the day and my mood.

  11. @Pomeline: thank you! Ah! your morning sounds so lovely. I wish I had the ability to wake up early hahha - I think I am getting lazy. I like slow mornings too.



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