Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Wildgoose Is King

"Where sky and water meet in line, And suns drown in the sea. So fly and sing, the wildgoose is King."


  1. Ah! I adore the little things..haha I don't know what they are called..the snow-like little animated things that are falling on your pictures. I hope that I'm not imaging them because I totally see them!
    Either way, these are gorgeous. You take gorgeous photos, especially of animals. Beautiful ripples of water in the last one.

  2. this is quite magical. i adore the photo of the peacock feathers ♥

  3. @Naka: I am glad you like it

    @Crystal Ball: They are snowflakes! I have been hoping for lots of snow! Thank you <3 I love photoraphing animals

    @Milky Rose: Peacocks are so beautiful! This one actually got out of its enclosure and my friend and I were feeding him grapes! He really enjoyed it hhaha.

  4. @Claudia: thank you very much, but this blog is currently for personal use, not commercial. Thank you for visiting anyways =)

  5. hey! thanks for your comment! I tottally understand,I had exams for a whole month..!
    These photos are so beautiful! :)

  6. @Christina: ahhhh! exams are starting again for me T__T the word "midterm" is misleading - my string of midterms lasts for weeks!



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