Monday, December 21, 2009

Deer Friends

TA few days before Christmas Eve and already I am getting somewhat impatient. However, my grades have come back so my burden has been considerably lightened. Cold skin and runny noses and dust allergies have hounded me all evening as I curled into the couch to watch Disney movies with a bag of popcorn. Look before you eat, you never know WHO is hiding amongst the kernals.


  1. Oh yes ! It was cold outside.
    What a nice pitcures !

  2. I love deer and Disney movies. A very good combination if you ask me.

  3. oh these are so so cute! it seems that i haven't been on your blog for ages...sorry!

    thank you for your kind words.
    and merry christmas :)

  4. @Crystal Ball: =D Definitely! I hope you are having a great holiday!

    @Constance: No no it is okay! I know you are busy! I hope you post more! I've missed your black and white <333333

  5. You are obviously very talented! I really like your blog! I've had a really good explore of the blog-o-sphere today because I have been too busy to do so over the last few days but I will try and come back and visit your blog again sometime! You've got some beautiful images on here!
    Tomorrow x

  6. @Tomorrow: Thank you so much! Your words are so encouraging!

  7. What love pictures, I love deers <3 I hope you had a lovely Christmas! <3

  8. @Eliza: thank you so much! I did have a wonderful Christmas =)



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