Sunday, June 1, 2014

The seagulls have started coming back to the dunes in snow white droves of feathers. I close my eyes and pretend I’m in the midst of a snowstorm as soft wings brush against my shoulder, gentle falling snowflakes. It’s not that I miss winter in any way, but somehow it was easier to sleep through the night. Summer is full of ghosts I could never escape (nor do I really want to). I’ve been spending my free time thinking about birds lately. I understand birds more than I ever understood people. I dream of being an albatross, always living above the earth and never needing to look back. But in reality, I’m probably more of a magpie, I’ll take you apart and never let you go.


  1. My happiest dreams are always the ones where I can fly. Looking down on people never felt so good.

    / Avy

  2. Summer makes me feel sort of restless, because I never feel like I'm doing enough! Winter is supposed to be hibernation time so I can get lazy, haha.

  3. wow, this place is so inspiring wow !

  4. You mentioned an albatross and, just because of that one word, I am now thinking of "The Weight of Living, Pt. 1" by Bastille:

    There's an albatross around your neck.
    All the things you've said,
    And the things you've done.
    Can you carry it with no regrets?

    Summer isn't necessarily full of regrets, but it is full of nostalgia and wandering thoughts. We're so restless during this time of year, when the sun's rays stretch late into the evening. Why go inside when we can fly into the sunset?

    1. Agreed, I'm taking long walks in the evening to calm myself. I've never heard that song by Bastille, but I shall listen to it right now!



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