Monday, June 21, 2010

When The Emperor Was Divine

Been dreaming about Japan lately with eyes wide open and not breathing much of the hot air. It's suffocating sometimes to be living, but you can't help yourself, can't keep yourself from thinking about Carravagio's bones and silkworms turning into thread. And everyday, you keep asking yourself the same questions, and give different answers each time. Is the emperor a man or a god? Both are the same thing. If a Japanese battleship is torpedoed in the Pacific do you feel happy or sad? Sad. Which side do you think will win the war? Neither. We have already lost a piece of our humanity to loneliness.


  1. these are so very stunning, but your words broke my heart a little.

  2. @Elly: I am glad you like them! Though its summer, I can't help but feel a little sad. Oil spill, war, people dying. It's just like 1937 all over again and more.

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Your photos are beautiful, but I do agree about the heartbreak - particularly the last sentence. Loneliness, such a haunting existence we all experience. ♥

  4. @Athena: thank you. Yes it really is. "When The Emperor Was Divine" is actually a book about the Japanese internment camps - it has the same haunting quality. Its a really well written book!

  5. wow, great pictures. quite good!
    love the theme ^^
    I feel inspired now

    xxx kissmequick

  6. @Kissmequick: thank you so much! I am inspired by your work as well!

  7. My jaw dropped they were so so gorgeous, you are truly talented.


  8. @Felicity: oh thank you so much hahaha you are much too kind. I am so glad you like them!



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