Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bleeding Rainbows

Maybe I am crazy, but this is how I see the world in all its glory - painted with rainbow and glitter. Ah please don't lock me away in the white room, for surely I will go insane. Just don't speak and we'll live like nothing has changed.


  1. i wish i saw the world in the same way ^^

  2. very nice words you have there, and very true.

    What kind of ice-cream? Mine would have to be caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

  3. i love your tshirt :) what lovely colours in the photographs. i think its great that you see the world painted with rainbow and glitter, because it is a very beautiful world and sometimes i have to remind myself of this. hope you are well dear. samantha ♥

  4. your blog is full of wonder and beauty & your images are wonderful, if only i could capture the little things like that! x

  5. @Naka: I hope you can one day ^___^

    @Felicity: My favorite ice cream flavors would have to be vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, espresso, green tea and red bean!

    @Samantha: thank you so much. I am perfectly fine for now, thank you for asking <3

    @Morning Sun: thank you ah I am sure you can! Just keep taking pictures!

  6. These are so, so beautiful.

  7. the colors in those photos are just awesome, I want a Holga camera !!

  8. thank you for your comment, me and my camera are good mates and will never part. well unless it brakes which is quite possible in my clumsey hands!

  9. so pretty. i always adore your pictures! and words that go along :)

  10. @Athena: thank you so much

    @Narumi: Ah! You should get one! Your photography is amazing!

    @Morning sun: no problem! hahahah camera's are very hardy, I hope yours never breaks!

    @Christina: thank you <3

  11. You take amazing pictures.

  12. Hey, I tagged you on my blog.
    Feel free to check it out if like. :)



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