Wednesday, January 27, 2010

   I live in a grand old Victorian mansion in the woodsy suburbs. I live in the attic along with old-fashion pine bed-stands and drawers, which I share it with spiders and a mouse named Algernon. Sometimes squirrels come to visit me for acorns. They did not come this year. There were no acorns to give.

In my world, it is always late spring or early fall because I can open my windows and watch my white curtains billow like deer ghosts. The breeze, warm, but not stifling, rattles past my hair: whisking past my ancient easel, old newspapers, and sheets of papers that are flying like turtledoves around me.

At night I dream a lot about tomorrow. I tell myself, if the weather is fair, I will go outside and hunt for my most valuable treasures: animal bones, smooth rocks, and leaves. If it rains, I will draw and read and clean my treasures.

Tomorrow does not always come. It trips and follies over homework days and work days and now college days. And over other days I can no longer remember.

TI had a pet plant. He was one years old when he climbed into the rafters and wound his way to the roof (to think he started his life in a plastic bottle). Maybe it was because I went away. Maybe it was because time passes faster when you cannot dream. When I came back, he was gone and the windows, wide open.

Here in the land of polar bears, there is no spring. There is only the cruel dawn and a dying sun and waking up to the sound of terror every morning. No cricket on the hearth or cicadas in the trees to lull you to sleep - only the soft pattering of rain and thunderstorm weather on aluminum, which I hate.


  1. i adore your pictures. these are my new favorites. i especially like the treasures one.

  2. i love the new look, is so black in the new black =)
    beautiful pictures and even better words.

    enjoy you day or night

    xx Felicity.

  3. THIS is exactly why I am a proud follower of your blog. You are amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

  4. So where do you live!? Really beautiful photos..everything seems so nice..!

  5. nice header ^^

    great post really wonderful ^^

  6. @ Christinaslittleworldtwo: thank you!

    @Felicity: thank you dear! I love your new look too <3 I am glad you enjoyed this post

    @Crystal Ball: you are too sweet! <3 <3

    @Christina: thank you!

    @Naka: thanks! <3

  7. Yes I wish I lived in houses like those..! Or at least have some kind of woods near.. My home is in a small village a little out of a big city in Greece,it's supposed to be evolving in some kind of suburban place and lots of people are moving here but still it seems to me like it's a village and I need to take two buses to go downtown!!
    Anyway,now that I'm studyingin college I live in another really smaller city which is kinda nice but has not much interesting stuff to do and see...

    I dream about going abroad,all the time,at least for a trip..!

  8. @Christina: it sounds magical. I am in college too and far away from home hahaha. I dream about going abroad as well. Maybe I will visit Greece one day.

    @Kim: thank you <3

    @Miyavi: thank you <3



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